Use Your CRM Data To Route Leads.
Keep All Records Updated Automatically.

Schedule IQ integrates with Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, and Pipedrive CRMs. Route leads based
on CRM owner or data from CRM fields. Instantly update CRM and run automatic workflows
when prospects book meetings, drop-off, no-show or cancel.

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Route Based on Your CRM Data

Owner-Based Routing

Schedule IQ reads owner data at lead/contact/
account/opportunity level, routes incoming leads to
the right owner, creates events, and updates fields.

Owner-Based Routing

CRM Field-Based Routing

Schedule IQ reads standard and custom objects
and fields in CRM, routes leads based on field
information, creates events and updates fields.

CRM Field-Based Routing
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No-Show Workflows

Schedule IQ reads activities synced to CRM and updates
no-shows automatically.

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Drop-off Workflows

Schedule IQ reads the assignees for a meeting,
creates and updates prospects and updates specific
fields as a visitor drop-off so you can run follow-up

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Meeting Canceled Workflows

Schedule IQ reads assignees for a meeting,
creates prospects and updates specific fields as
meeting canceled so you can run rescheduling
workflows. When meetings are rescheduled,
Schedule IQ automatically updates the date and
time of the next meeting.

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Form Submit Workflows

Schedule IQ reads CRM data to see if the prospect
exists as a contact/lead and creates/updates the
record automatically.

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Experience Lead Routing That Flexes To Your Sales Org Structure,
Rep Seniority and Lead Segments