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How Skuad Converted 100%
of Interested Leads Into
Held Meetings

interested leads  to held meetings

Converted 100% Interested Leads
To Held Meetings

Automatically assigned meetings to reps

Automatically Assigned
Meetings to Reps

Save hours on admin work

Save Hours On
Admin Work

About Skuad

Skuad, founded in 2019, is a Global HR Platform that streamlines international hiring and automates payroll management, local compliance, and taxation of their employees.


Skuad had employed HubSpot Meeting Scheduler to get prospects to book a meeting directly on their website.

But soon, they ran into the following challenges:

  • They had to manually assign meetings to reps, which ate into at least 8 hours
    every week.
  • They Could Not Route Prospects to reps based on their Form Answers.

Why Skuad Chose Schedule IQ Over Chili Piper

“Schedule IQ has been such a savior. We’re able to book meetings with prospects on our website. Get them to meet the best rep fit for their use case. Making the most of inbound traffic. Basically, everything that Chili Piper does - except at a 30% lesser price.”

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Growth Marketer at Skuad

Skuad was evaluating Chili Piper and Schedule IQ for a meeting automation platform. However, they decided to go with Schedule IQ for the following reasons.

01Capture All Inbound Leads on the Website

“Speed-to-lead is one of the biggest benefits of
Schedule IQ. With a calendar attached to our
website form, our reps can meet with leads as soon
as they submit a form.”

With Schedule IQ’s Form Embed, Skuad added a calendar on their website. This meant prospects booked a meeting instantly - instead of filling out a long form and waiting for a response.

Capture All Inbound Leads on the Website

02Route the Right Prospect to the Right Rep

“Automating lead routing is probably my favorite part of Schedule IQ. It would take hours to determine which rep to assign to which prospect - and by the time we got around to the prospect, they would have essentially gone cold. It was frustrating - it was a “so close yet so far” situation.”

Schedule IQ personalized the customer’s experience by routing the prospect to the right sales rep based on pre-set conditions.

  • Based on form answers - One of their form fields is “Which countries do you want to hire in?” In response, prospects were shown the calendar of a rep familiar with hiring in those regions.
  • Based on HubSpot Owner - Schedule IQ’s robust HubSpot integration allowed prospects to be matched with their CRM owner, providing a seamless meeting booking experience.

Schedule IQ also helped Skuad route reps based on availability, expertise, or experience. They opted for a flexible round-robin. If the dedicated rep was unavailable, prospects could book a slot with the next available rep.

However, they could also choose strict round-robin to ensure all reps got an equal amount of meetings booked.

While onboarding new reps, they employed weighted routing. This way, they could pre-define weightage for the number of meetings a rep would get. E.g., for every two meetings an experienced rep received, the new hire received one.

Route the Right Prospect to the Right Rep

03Book Meetings In one-click

“We don't have to spend time on email going back and forth with prospects to pick a time to meet. All of the scheduling takes place on Schedule IQ. We send out a meeting link with our availability, and prospects book a time with us in one-click. It’s a huge time saver.”

Schedule IQ allowed Skuad’s reps to create unique event types for different meetings. Each event had a unique meeting link that could be shared with prospects.

This meant Skuad’s reps didn’t have to go back and forth on email to decide when to meet with their prospects. Prospects could pick a time that worked for them and book a meeting on the spot.

Book Meetings In one-click


With Schedule IQ, Skuad was able to:

  • Convert 100% of interested leads into held meetings
  • Save time on manually assigning prospects to reps
  • Eliminate spreadsheet and CRM admin work
  • Increase revenue by automatically assigning the right prospect to the right rep

Turn High-Intent Website Visitors Into Pipeline
With Schedule IQ